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Too long, I know. I am sorry.

Where have I been? Reading, studying, writing, but mostly savoring this time of scholarly preparation. I have faced a few disappointments, and at the same time, some incredible opportunities have transpired. The GRE – blah! Why invent such a torture device? I took it twice, did okay, but previously had kicked the GRE’s ass on every practice test. So this was a disappointment. But you know what? At least I took it. Some people want to go back to school but fear of the GRE, or GMAT, or LSAT or whatever torture test they encounter makes them run in the other direction. I am not putting that behavior down, I am just saying that it does not hurt that badly to face disappointment, get up and try again. Well, at least I can say this weeks after taking that horrible test!

My faithful followers on http://www.Jewtah.com have been complaining due to the lack of writing. You see, I have been writing, just not sharing, here. I’ve been working on my creative writing sample, which has been thrilling and fun and renewed my passion for why I am subjecting myself to torture tests. I may not test well, but I unequivocally enjoy the art of writing.

I also had to write my SOP: Statement of Purpose. I love that name!! Essentially, it is a pitch about myself. I have pitched many things in my life – cameras, contact lens solution, travel, scanners, sandwiches, mountains, but I have not had to write a promotional piece about myself. I do quite well in interviews and I am a resume connoisseur but this was different. Luckily, I was able to cut down my crazy little life into three pages, succinctly-ish spelling out why the university should take me.

The moral of the story: Life is Wildly Unexpected. Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I were offered a teaching opportunity in Shanghai. The conversation with his advisor went like this:

“Hi, I’m Paula, so nice to meet you finally.”

Advisor: “You too. You work full time, right?”

Paula: “No, actually I was laid off.”

Advisor: “Great!”

I was shocked by her response. She is happy that I lost my job? I mean, I am happy to some extent, but what? She obviously was not happy about me losing my job, she was happy that I could go on this trip and teach. How cool! It fits a million cliches (which I do not buy into) but seriously, weird! Life is wildly unexpected. Go live it!


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Right now, in between the paragraphs that I write, I’m studying quantitative comparisons for the GRE. Oy vey, it’s tough. My brain just doesn’t comprehend this stuff. Like x+y=429, and then is x bigger than y, but if y is squared and who cares! I’ve been sitting at this desk for hours now and I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand math. I am so glad that creative writing has very little, if anything, to do with math. Otherwise, I’d be in big trouble. 

It’s interesting how people use different sides of their brain (and some don’t use their brain at all!). I am captivated by the creative in things, whether it’s writing, film, art or street acts. But what is it worth? How do you put a price tag on the abstract?

And that leads me to wonder, how does one conceptualize and then create that thought into art? The following You Tube video is a few minutes long, but so worth watching. Just the thought of it is priceless.

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