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Right now, in between the paragraphs that I write, I’m studying quantitative comparisons for the GRE. Oy vey, it’s tough. My brain just doesn’t comprehend this stuff. Like x+y=429, and then is x bigger than y, but if y is squared and who cares! I’ve been sitting at this desk for hours now and I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand math. I am so glad that creative writing has very little, if anything, to do with math. Otherwise, I’d be in big trouble. 

It’s interesting how people use different sides of their brain (and some don’t use their brain at all!). I am captivated by the creative in things, whether it’s writing, film, art or street acts. But what is it worth? How do you put a price tag on the abstract?

And that leads me to wonder, how does one conceptualize and then create that thought into art? The following You Tube video is a few minutes long, but so worth watching. Just the thought of it is priceless.


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