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The ski season just came to an end on Sunday and life has been crazy lately! In the past few weeks, I turned in my graduate school application (my first and I hope to be my last), celebrated Passover with 23 people (and believe it or not, 10 were Jewish, and eight of those 10 live in Utah!), went to a wedding in Atlanta (story about that below), celebrated my 29th birthday, skied some pow, went to see my first Britney Spears’ concert, loved it, celebrated the end of the season at PCMR by snowboarding one run and then tailgating in the parking lot for 3 + hours, hiked in 70 degree weather and just enjoyed life!

A wonderful thing happened! One of my closest friends that I have known since first grade is having a baby. Well she isn’t pregnant, but her wife is! We were all wondering how it works so I will share a few details. They used a donation bank where you choose the guy like your looking at a Facebook profile. You check him out online, choosing by personality, career, education and athletics along side his baby picture. They went with the PhD student, so our kids could compete for Mensa. The whole process sounds kind of like Jdate to me, but you just have the guy’s baby and don’t have to date him! (Note: if you are not familiar with Jdate.com, it’s like Match.com but for Jewish girls and boys). Congrats to my girls!!

I had an “I love America” moment while we were in Atlanta for our friend’s wedding. We jumped into a cab to take us to the Jewish Synagogue where the ceremony and reception were taking place. Most of us in the cab were also Jewish. The driver was really cool and we asked him to turn on some tunes. He asked “mine or yours?” We said “his!” Turns out he was from Pakistan and we listened to rockin’ Pakistani hip hop called Bhangra on the way to the Jewish synagogue. While I might sometimes want to flea to Canada, this camaraderie is good reason to celebrate the U.S. of A.

My husband and I leave in two weeks from tomorrow for Asia. I am ridiculously excited! I cannot stop buying! This always happens before we leave for a trip. I go into Target for soap and sunblock and walk out with a receipt for $300. What?! Did I really need an instant stain removal spray? Maybe. What about the eye cream that smelled good? Well, that could go either way. I already have a few eye creams collecting in my drawer that I already choose not to use, but this one is organic and shall I remind you, it smells good. This is a problem of mine. I go into a store and spend hours studying the products. I have to try on ALL of the cute clothes and I buy things I really don’t need. I know there are millions of people out there like me, but I am trying to change. A friend of mine went with me and she witnessed, for the first time, my plight. She caught on quick that she needed to move me quickly from section to section of the store in order to save us hours of time. And she opened up a whole new world for me. Normally, I would have gone with my husband who gives a “yes” to every question. This is all very nice, but sometimes you want an actual opinion. That happened yesterday at Target. I received real feedback. And I still managed to spend $300.

So whatever your issue, maybe it’s time we all learn to love our idiosyncrasies. As hard as I’d like to change, I’m just fighting nature. I may live in Utah and love the outdoors, but I still LOVE to shop.

I leave you with some Pakistani Hip Hop:


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Yesterday was my first full day of unemployment and it rocked! I felt strong, energized, healthy. It’s surprising what happens when you stop doing what everyone thinks you SHOULD do and you start doing what you LOVE to do. Losing a job clears your mind of all the incessant, ineffective chatter of the workday.  Turns out I was in a creativity coma and my mind just woke up. Only problem now is that I can’t turn it off.

Another surprising accoutrement of losing my job is feeling like a superstar. Obviously, it’s not because I get to wear my pajamas during the day, but I have had more friends and colleagues wishing me well than my birthday tribute when I turned 21. Everywhere I look – Facebook, Jewtah, Gmail, Linked In, Twitter, my phone, in person – people are cheering me on, letting me know it’s going to be all right. And in some cases, it was me reassuring them, that they will be okay.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep (read above how light bulb turned back on inside my head). So I turned on the late-night edition of Access Hollywood to catch another recap about Michelle Obama’s Inauguration ball gown (loved it!). In this moment, horror crept over my body; I started unemployment the same day as George Dubya Bush started his unemployment. Mazel Tov that he’s finally out of office, but now I have to share something in common with this dimwit? That might be the worst part of losing my job!

That got me thinking about who else is dealing with an uncertain future. For starters, Paris Hilton. However there is nothing new about her doing “nothing.” She was at the Sundance Film Festival once again and I love hearing Robert Redford say in his TV interviews, “Why is she even in Park City? What does she do?” Also, the entire crew from “Friends” has dropped off the planet. At least Jennifer has an upcoming movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” but it was shelved so long they mention MySpace.

And that brings me to the subject of my blog – Lindsay Lohan. You may know her from such blockbusters as “Mean Girls,” “Freaky Friday” and “Herbie Fully Loaded.” She hasn’t worked in months and for the first time in my life I feel that Ms. Lohan and I are kindred spirits. We are both just a sad statistic of the rising unemployment rate.

Most importantly, today I figured out my blog’s mission – to provide content void of productive information, but useful enough to make you laugh (or at least snicker). TTFN (Mom and Ben – that means ta-ta-for-now).


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