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Happy Mother’s Day to two wonderful mamas in my life! Hope you are having a day as wonderful as mine. That would include flying from Hong Kong to Luang Prabang, Laos with a stop in Hanoi. I’m writing IMG_0563from the business class lounge in the Hanoi Airport. I paid $10 US to gain entry, which allows me to play on the internet and eat and drink what I like. I’m sampling nectar juice, a favorite of mine from Peru, and White Fungus Bird’s Nest Drink, something new and unfamiliar. Actually, it tastes just like Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda, but the name throws me off!

Our trip, so far, has been nothing short of amazing! We landed in Hong Kong on Friday night and after checking into our very hip, albeit reasonably priced accomodations, Central Park Hotel, immediately joined our friends “Assman and Robyn” (as they are fondly called at business school) for a night on the Hong Kong town. We ate at a small, divey tea house and sampled Chinese cuisine that wasn’t exactly exotic, but definitely tasty (actually, it might have tasted better since hubby and I missed the food served on the 15 hour flight and resorted to the ramen noodles offered in jest by the flight attendant). After dinner, the four of us headed over to Lan Kwai Fong, a raucus street lined with “American-style” bars, people (mostly non-Asian) spilling out into every crevice of cobblestone. Amazingly, despite the jet-lag, we stayed out until 1 am HK time. Not even sure what time it was back in Utah and have not tried to figure it out yet.

The next day was filled with touristy thrills, sampling dim sum for breakfast, riding the Peak Tram to the top of Hong Kong and hiking back down a grade so steep I prayed not to trip in fear of ending the trip before it began, buying a Coca-cola light at McDonald’s (which was packed with locals…sad!) and lunching on Thai food in HK’s famed Soho district. We finally hit our jet-lag wall and napped, but I have felt surprisingly great since arriving.

Rob and Robyn, ok more Robyn than Rob, really wanted to see the “light show” in Kowloon Bay. We navigated the subway and made it just in time to see the buildings light up in unison to cheesy music blasted on crackling speakers. It is not a show I’d recommend, but I’m glad we went, because the subway trip, clean and efficient, was an adventure in itself. The time passed quickly as we lovingly teased Robyn about the color of our dog, Frank, who she has met on at least four occasions.

Last night, we capped off the day with dinner at Scirocco, Craig’s (hubby and my bestfriend, who’s joining us for the Laos portion of our trip) favorite restaurant. We were joined by more HK friends and The Robs. Dinner was unforgettable, more than anything for the company, and maybe the outside seating didn’t hurt either!

Before heading to the aiport this afternoon, we hiked “1000 steps” in the Parkview area of Hong Kong. It felt more like 10,000 steps. My legs and lungs ached during, but I feel accomplished, like I climbed a mountain. Oh wait, I did.

Off to catch our flight. More from Laos after we finish our five-day bike and hike trek. Looking forward to sweating out of my eyeballs!!


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