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Today is my six-month anniversary of being married and although that is not a long time, I am confident that we are a forever couple. We heard that the first few months of a marriage could be the most problematic. This has not been the case. Since we lived together before we made it official (yes, we are sinners), being married has been exactly the same as being engaged, just without the nightmare of a wedding to plan. But now we have the incessant questions from friends and family about when we will start making lots and lots and lots of babies. In due time, mom and mother-in-law, in due time.

I have been thinking about relationships because I want everyone to have the happiness that I have found. I have not always been lucky in love, quite the contrary. I spent a really long time with someone who brought out the worst in me. And it was amazing how long it took for me to realize that I was a bitch for 5 ½ years. My friends noticed my transition back to normalcy after we broke up. They called me Paula 2005 because I was brand-new starting that year. They’d be like, “Paula 2005 is so much more fun than Paula 2004… we can tease you again and you won’t scratch our eyes out!”

I look at my friends now and we all had a similar path. Dating the wrong guy/girl for too long, then we dated everyone who crossed our path and finally, we found the person who suits us best. I’m at the age of the wedding, and every month I either attend a wedding, get invited to another or hear about a new engagement. It’s frightening and exciting. I look at these friends and think they have truly found their partner in life. This is because they found out the secret: a good relationship should not be that hard. Of course there is compromise in any relationship, but the ones that seem to work the best and last the longest are the easiest to maintain (like a good diet).

In the past, I have been quixotic (note: this is a GRE vocab word and I’m practicing using these words in my writing) about love and pictured the knight in shining armor as a slick-haired metro-sexual, wearing his Gucci suit, raised in Connecticut, working on Wall Street. Hallelujah, Paula 2006 ran away to the mountains! The reality is that I want to spend the rest of my life with one person where everyday is enjoyable, void of argument and more than anything, fun. I wanted the opposite of what my parents had. My parents, after 33 years of a silent marriage, called it quits. Not recently, so hold your “I’m sorry.” Can you imagine living with someone that you don’t want to have a conversation with? What is crazier than that, as a child, I found this behavior normal. However, being that I’m a loquacious (again, GRE) speaker, I found someone to marry who can talk more than me (not impossible, I tell you).

The beautiful thing in life is that the vision of what you think you want pales in comparison to the reality of who you could end up with. My hubby the hippie, with his untamed hair, blithe demeanor and insistence on only wearing flannel, is what I was always looking for, just in a different package than I imagined. He is my favorite.

The video below captures one of the most unique relationships I have ever seen. As the newscaster says, if they can make it work, anyone can.

And just because I cannot stop laughing when I watch this, here’s the latest digital video from Saturday Night Live (bad language kids):


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