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A Rose By Any Other Name



Argh, I am so annoyed, with myself. I almost never make spelling/grammar mistakes. It’s something I pride myself on, proofing paragraph after paragraph, over and over, so there are no mistakes. Last night, I sent an email out to several hundred contacts and what do I do? I write, “know” instead of “no.” It may not seem like a big deal to you, but to me, it is like walking down the street with my skirt tucked into my underwear. But alas, we make mistakes in order to fix them in the future.

This was my first full week of unemployment since being laid off. I could definitely get used to early retirement or better yet, going back to school. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been focusing my efforts studying for the quantitative portion of the GRE. I might have reached a sixth grade math level after only nine straight hours of doing math problems! Although I hate math, I have secretly discovered that I enjoy the thrill in finding the right answer. Whereas writing is fluid, ever-changing, and modifiable, math is definitive and concrete. There is usually just one answer and sometimes the best feeling is being challenged and succeeding in finding that one. Oh, did I just admit to enjoying math? Maybe, but I also KNOW that I only have three more weeks before it’s back to using a calculator.

I’ve had a few questions about the name of the blog, especially from my non-Jewish, mid-western friends. I guess it doesn’t just roll of the tongue for everyone. The name is in no way blasphemy. I’m of the belief that you can always make fun of your own kind, just not anyone else. The name – Jewtah – is a literal translation for being a Jewish Utahn. Slightly different than a Jewish New Yorker, a little more patient, with about 72% of the feistiness.

I often get asked if I’m Spanish, Italian or Mediterranean. My answer is always the same – I’m Jewish. I know it’s a religion, but for me it’s more of a heritage, or a background. I am not religious at all but very proud of being Jewish. Even though we’re lucky to have a Jewish Synagogue in our mountain town, I’ve only been once or twice. I can trace my ancestry as far back as Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx (the epitome of modern American society!). And my middle name, which I only just recently looked up to find out its origins, means “princess.” You got it – I’m a Jewish American Princess. Although I can conform quite nicely to that label by the shoes that I wear and the purses that I buy, I do enjoy the great outdoors and the dirt that comes along with it. But…is it any coincidence that my birthstone is a diamond?!

This blog post is dedicated to Redford, not Robert, but our beloved 17-year-old dog who finally gave up his will to pee wherever he pleased and walk under your feet. You will be missed!



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